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SAVE $100

Trade in your helmet for new quality NOLAN helmet!

Our mechanic will fully inspect your bike, and will advise on all necessary services for your bike.

General Service

Our mechanic will fully inspect your bike, and will perform all necessary services for your bike.

Full Service

Our mechanic will change your oil and tire to keep your bike in top condition for optimal performance.

Oil&Tire Change

Our Services

Services We Provide

  • Basic oil service and tire change that can be done while you wait.

    Oil change starts from $45

    Tire change starts from $45 

    Please call for details.

  • First service is complementary at 1000km and includes: 

    • Road test 

    • Oil change

    • Tire pressure check 

    • Electricals check 

    • Brakes check

  • Second service is recommended after 2000km. Labour starts at $75. 


    The service includes:

    • Oil change 

    • Tire pressure check

    • Road test 

    • Electricals and brakes check

    • Clutch, belt and rollers check 

    • Air filter check 

  • Full service is recommended after 6000km. Labour cost starts at $225. 


    Service includes: 

    • Oil change 

    • Spark plug change (parts included)

    • Air filter clean or replacement (part not included) 

    • Brakes check and adjustment

    • Electricals and lights check 

    • Tire pressure and horn check

    • Road test 

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