SHAD Top Cases

SHAD Top Cases


Press Lock System

Change Colour System

Plate included

Impact Resistant

Waterproof Sealing System

  • Specifications and Features

    Case with capacity for one helmet

    The pressure lock system gives more safety and comfort. SH29 is the ideal complement for your last generation scooter.

    Designed in Barcelona
    Dimensions: Width 40cm/Height 30cm/Depth 38cm
    Maximum Load: 3kg (6.6lbs)
    Capacity: Full face helmet & gloves

    Case with capacity for one full face helmet and accessories

    The SH33 is a compact and practical case, with capacity for gloves and full face helmet. It closes with a simple pressure and comes with a wide range of interchangeable colours. It includes the backrest option.

    More Comfortable
    Passenger Comfort Upgrade: rib between hinges has been eliminated.
    Better ergonomic handle.

    Reinforcement of the fitting mechanism between case and rack.
    Lock sold separately as spare part.

    Antitheft Protection
    Metal axis with no holes.
    Reduced gap between lid and hook.

    Better Aesthetic Look
    Color cover changed to avoid using frontal screw.
    Improved design: SHAD sticker replaces oval sticker.

    Dimensions: Width 43cm/Height 31cm/Depth 42cm
    Maximum Load: 3kg (6.6lbs)
    Capacity: Full face helmet & gloves


    Case with capacity for two helmets

    SHAD presents a large capacity Top case to store up to 2 full face helmets.

    Dimensions: Width 56cm/Height 31cm/Depth 41cm
    Maximum Load: 6kg (13.23lbs)
    Capacity: 2 Full face helmets


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