Nolan N21 Visor

Nolan N21 Visor


Nolan N21 Visor Helmet


The Nolan N21 Visor is vintage made yet modern with a wide shield offering excellent face coverage, making it the ideal helmet for both city and out-of-town riding. The VPS sunscreen retracts into the shell, giving it a unique compact look. The streamlined shape of the shell is inspired by the timeless vintage look, while presenting clean and modern lines and functionality. Additionally, the aggressively snug neckroll has been designed to keep the wind at bay.



Polycarbonate shell

Scratch-resistant VPS

Microlock retension system with helmet lock ring

Removeable, washable and anti-bacterial inner liner with attached neck roll for noise reduction



The Nolan N21's chin strap is integrated into the neck roll for a smoother fit and a quieter ride.


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