Honda Vario 150cc

Honda Vario 150cc

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ACG Starter
Advanced technology that gives the sensation of satisfaction to start the engine without a sound.


Idling Stop
Premium features that automatically turn off the engine when stopped for more than 3 seconds and the engine starts again when the gas lever is exited.


Combi Brakes
Easier and more comfortable braking. By pulling the left brake lever the front and rear wheels will stop optimally.


Honda SMART Key

Stearing into the future with Honda SMART Key, intelligent remote key. 
Start the engine without using a key. This function is designed to specify the vehicle location and prevent theft.


    Liquid Cooled, 4-Stroke Fuel Injected
    Fuel Capacity: 5.49 litres (1.45 gals)
    Continuously Variable Transmission
    Starter: Electric
    Dry Weight 125cc: 245 lbs | 150cc: 247 lbs
    Front Disc Brakes
    Rear Drum Brakes
    14” Wheels


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