Air Filter Cleaner

Air Filter Cleaner


Professional strength, emulsion type cleaner specifically designed to remove grease, heavy filter oils and other contaminants from foam and fabric air filters. Unique and proprietary formulation contains no caustic chemicals, will not damage foam cells, paper or glue and easily washes out with water. Maxima Air Filter Cleaner is consistently ranked as best in class and contains no harmful CFCs.

  • Featured

    • Effectively cleans foam and fabric air filters
    • Removes heavy filter oil, grease, dirt and other contaminates
    • Easily washes out with water
    • Rated #1 Air Filter Cleaner by Dirt Rider Magazine
    • Contains no CFC’s
  • Usage

    Spray Air Filter Cleaner on complete filter surface (inner/outer) and let sit for 1 to 3 minutes. If possible massage filter to loosen stubborn dirt and sand. Rinse clean with water in a safe container or drain. If stubborn areas remain, reapply product and repeat. CAUTION: May cause some painted surfaces to discolor. Do Not use on plastic or Lexan® windshields