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The Japanese economic miracle vol.2

This is the second part of motorcycle history in Japan. After the Second World War, the Japanese continued to produce the Harley purchased in the 33rd year. They named him King of the Road or Type - 97. The motorcycle came in very handy by the Americans who occupied Japan. It was made for that. Japan was supposed to produce weapons. It is possible to produce only in that country. Scooters and mopeds were on this list. So it was already in the 50th year in Japan, there were 130 companies producing motorcycle equipment. These were simple mopeds with up to 200 tons of cubes. Almost all of them were copied from Europeans and Americans. The old Japanese government was only interested in military power. They longed for blood. Thanks to the new, in 1955 the "Japanese economic miracle" happened. The country's economy has skyrocketed. Then the famous Japanese four appeared. Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Honda made their first motorcycles. And by the 60th year it had completely conquered the market. The Japanese have more money. Demand for mopeds fell and their manufacturer had to look for ways to save. So, the guys from Mitsubishi began to produce cars. The famous four decided not to renounce motorcycles, but to go the other way. I will talk about it in the next post.

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