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The Japanese economic miracle

The Japanese economic miracle has forced many motorcycle manufacturers to leave the market. They switched to cars and parts for them. Only the famous four remained: Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki. To sell motorcycles abroad. These were the countries of South America. It was an important market for the Japanese. Even after they began to sell motorcycles in Europe and the USA.

At first, people treated Japanese motorcycles with caution. Not really. But everyone liked their motorcycles quickly. In addition to European manufacturers! After all, Japanese motorcycles were cheaper, but they did not differ in quality. Then the European began to accuse the Japanese of copying their models. At first, they could not produce motorcycles with a large engine capacity.

Honda released the CB 750. It was a real slap in the face. The motorcycle was faster, better and cheaper than any American or European motorcycle. Then, at 72 - 76, the boys approached and the guys from the "four" remained. Then in the motorcycle world the term "universal Japanese motorcycle" appeared. European manufacturers have responded to this. They called Japanese motorcycles tasteless and monotonous! Best of all, the Japanese declared themselves during the race. They won championship after championship. When they took up their production.

My opinion is that sportsmen of our time should say thanks to the Japanese. Motorcycles that were different from the serial. The Europeans protested and ordered the Japanese to put only production models. Then the Japanese began to produce racing models in series and popularize them among motorcyclists.

Information: moto_blog_kickstarter, photo: jean_vella

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