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Nearly 30 Years of Cycle Care in Bermuda

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Cycle Care Ltd is truly a Bermudian business success story.

Cycle Care ETA 1990

Founded and ran by Paul Decouto in 1990, the business began as a garage with his father, brother, sister and all of them were working in the business. They developed a strong and loyal customer base and over time, in addition to selling parts, began to sell helmets and other accessories but were not officially a retail business as the core of the operation remained mechanically focused.

Cycle Care ETA 2006

In 2006 they moved to our present location, their father retired and in pace with the changing times, they embarked on a strategic initiative to grow the business and diversify. This took them in a very different direction. They began to sell bikes and all of the accompanying “glossier” retail items in addition to cycle parts, allowing them to become a full-service cycle shop. They opened the show room and implemented a formal inventory management system and process.


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