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Nolangroup is an Italian company which was founded in 1972.In that year, Lander Nocchi, a businessman operating in the motorbike and car accessory sector, set up production of motorbike helmets which were injection moulded in polycarbonate, an innovative plastic material developed by General Electric under the trade name of LEXAN™*. This material, which had already been used for the moulding of protective helmets for astronauts on the “Apollo” missions, is still considered the finest thermoplastic material in use for the production of helmets.This was the birth of the first helmet to carry the Nolan brand name (an acronym of the founder’s name). Nolangroup is currently the only company in the sector producing all of its helmets in Italy through a fully-integrated production process, from the receiving of the raw materials to the final assembly of the product.It is the largest manufacturer of helmets in Europe, with about 350,000 helmets produced per year, and a team of 340 people working in a single location which covers an area of 31,000 square metres.Nolangroup produces helmets in polycarbonate, under the brand names Nolan and Grex, as well as helmets in composite fibres, under the X-lite brand. These brands are joined by N-Com, an internal division dedicated to the development of communication systems.


The first important characteristic of Nolangroup is its credibility as a producer; a credibility which is not only the result of its renowned history, but also, and above all, of its continuous commitment to safety and quality.


Nolangroup boasts two internal laboratories which play an essential role both in the development stage of the product and in daily production.The first laboratory, certified by the Italian Ministry of Transport, verifies the satisfying and exceeding of requirements set by current national and international regulations, in line with internal standards. In order to complay with the UN/ECE 22-05, crash tests, tests on retention systems and helmet loss tests are carried out on helmets, while the visors are subject to optical and resistance tests.Specific equipment and machinery furthermore allows for the carrying out of tests required by other international regulations. The helmets and visors are then passed to external independent laboratories run by third parties, in order to obtain the relative homologation and certification, therefore allowing mass production to begin.The second laboratory carries out supplementary functional tests, which are not required by regulations, on finished products and on the various components, both in the development stage and in daily production, carried out through the taking of samples. These test protocols represent one of the most significant results of 49 years of experience. Overall, the aforementioned activity results in the testing of approximately 4,000 helmets every year.


Marketing division, Research and Development division and designers are the main players in the concept stage, which leads to the conceptual definition of the product in terms of feature placement, technical characteristics and style. Ideas begin to take shape and are brought together in the form of an initial aesthetic prototype, which is the result of a combination of evolved computerised design techniques as well as the traditional methods of manual modelling. This is followed by the actual design of the helmet: in this stage, avant-garde computerised design techniques allow for the creation of the first functional prototype, as well as the simulation of the fluid-dynamic and aero-acoustic behaviour of the product. Lastly, road, track and wind tunnel tests allow for the collection of useful data, used to perfect the products performance before beginning mass-production.


Nolangroup proudly highlights that for years it has accompanied the motorcycle squads of various national and international public organisations: a long list of organisations worldwide which includes the Italian State Police, the Italian Military Police, the Municipal Police of Milan and Rome, Bermuda Police department, the Garde Républicaine (France), the Chinese State Police Force, the Hong Kong State Police Force, the Netherlands State Police Force, the Dubai State Police Force, the Italian Postal Service, the Swiss Postal Service... Nolangroup is also the partner of prestigious sector brands such as Ducati.Lastly, Nolangroup is the sole licensee for the production of helmets for the MotoGP and SBK brands.

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